By now you know how it ended, but it is so beautiful to relive (unless of course you’re a UNC fan.)

Villanova won it at the buzzer after an equally amazing 3-pointer from UNC had tied the game with 4.7 seconds left.

Kris Jenkins will now be a name that lives long in NCAA lore.

If you were like me, you watched a ton of reaction videos from Villanova’s campus, UNC’s campus, but these two were the best.

Chuck up in Kenny’s face… lmao. This will be in the HoF of reactions.

And Crying Jordan solidified its own place in the Meme Hall of Fame last night. In fact, it was probably Peak Crying Jordan Night because Michael Jordan himself was in attendance rooting for his alma mater. It has to go downhill from here, but if it does, this is as fun and a helluva night as any on Twitter.

Ok, probably enough. But I enjoy the creativity here and Crying Jordan still makes me laugh.

In all honesty, what a game though. Villanova continued their beautiful play and high-efficiency shooting. I love their unselfishness and the fact that any one of their 7-8 core rotation players can reach double figures. I was pullin’ for ’em even more as the tourney went on because our hometown hero, Jalen Brunson (#1 up top), is the freshman starting point guard for the Champs. Maks and I also graduated from Stevenson High School so we couldn’t be prouder of the fellow alum. Our first ever State basketball championship, led by the McDonald’s All-American, last year and now this… it’s pretty surreal too. Congrats Nova! I love basketball.