The Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking

My friend and writing colleague Mark Moschel has another great read I want to pass along, his second in as many weeks.

Anyone reading can take something out of this article. After all, who’s not interested in bettering your way of life, right?

This is the go-to guide for just that as Mark breaks it all down on Medium’s Better Humans. The Biohacking Guide consists of simplistic steps to efficiently improve everything from our nutrition, mental health and connection with nature, to even our sitting posture. As you can imagine, these are things you can do right away!

New to biohacking? There’s a section just for that titled… wait for it… What the heck is “Biohacking”?

Biohacking is a crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all — the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves.

The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology.

Click the link for the full, 11 minute read… Warning: this is interactive so accept the challenge 🙂