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Black Moon Rising 01.30.14

So how I got here is simple: Kid Cudi came on the shuffle and I thought to myself, hmm… what is Kid Cudi up to on Twitter? I ventured over there and sure enough, his last tweet from January 23rd is the above.

A couple Google searches later, and I found some more info on the “supermoon” (when the moon is closer and appears larger than normal) we’ll be seeing in a few days. Via EarthSky:

“The January 1 and 30 extra-close new moons will accentuate the spring tide, giving rise to what’s called a perigean spring tide. If you live along an ocean coastline, watch for high tides caused by the two January 2014 new moons – or supermoons. Will these high tides cause flooding? Probably not, unless a strong weather system accompanies the perigean spring tide. Still, keep an eye on the weather, because storms do have a large potential to accentuate perigean spring tides.”

Its connection to hidden truths, however? That’s what I want to find out more about. Pretty cool that I’m thinking about this more after being spurred on by The Man on the Moon, huh?