Gemstones “The Gift”

Someday at Christmas, there’ll be no wars. When we have learned what Christmas is for.

Wow, Gemstones is back and I couldn’t be more proud of “The Gift” he’s giving us today.

The new song and visual drives home the optimistic message that someday love will prevail and there will be peace on earth. That on someday on Christmas, we’ll remember what it’s for and not judge each other for race, religion, or anything. I believe in that too and believe in the people that someday this will happen!

The song itself delivers this message better than I can hope to write. Gem effortlessly shows off his versatility in doing so, singing in a Christmas carol-esque manner at times, then rapping about some of society’s ills and how we have to aim to improve, and then singing again… just gracefully and promoting the positive words.

The video drives home some of these words as Gem plays all parts: a homeless man, a preacher, and even a “convict” pulled over wrongly by the police. He covers it all, along with some crisp performance scenes through downtown Chi. Directed by Noyz, all parties came correct on this one as it achieves both thought-provoking analysis and a heartwarming, inspiring emotion. Needless to say, watch and digest above.