Indigo Minute – Ep. 3: Focus

“Take One Minute To Breathe In The Focus Of What You Prefer Today.”

Today 99% of the population is asking for a new way of life, because it’s clear that the old systems don’t work anymore.

We want new systems that provide abundance for all of humanity to thrive, instead of just the select few.

Imagine if everyone thought the same thing for one minute.

According to physics, it takes less than one percent of any population, focused upon the same intention, to spark a widespread change in consciousness around that intention.

We are all connected, which is why every thought we think and every emotion we feel has a changing effect on everyone else.

Indigo Minute is a world experiment that uses the power of positive unified thought to create real change in our world.

All it takes is one minute a day to add your focused positive thoughts, to the snowball effect of all our positive thoughts in attracting the changes we want now!

Join us in imagining heaven on earth, and just watch the changes that follow.

Will you take the Indigo Minute challenge?