Welcome To The Indigo Minute Platform

Hey! Do you want to change the world?

There are thousands of world-saving projects being created right now, and the greatest challenge they all face is getting the money to make their vision a reality.

For quite some time now, I’ve been working on this community platform that redistributes our wealth to world-saving projects.

I’m confident it can make a massive impact with your help!

Imagine — A community of people that contribute just 10 bucks per month towards a Humanitarian Redistribution Fund, which funds world-saving projects.

By becoming a member of this transparent network, you will get to vote on which projects to fund, and will receive updates for how our money is being used.

So here’s the breakdown. Half of your $10 goes towards our community fund, which endorses world-saving projects, and the other half goes towards our business costs, for expanding and managing our network.

You will have access to our interactive beta community where you can talk and collaborate with other like-minded members. It’s a place to post good news, ask questions, and discuss mind-expanding topics.

But most importantly I want to hear what humanitarian projects you’d recommend for future funding; projects that will create a practical change on a personal level.

Dreams do come true. I’m happy to announce the launch of this amazing thing, and I need your support on it!

Become a founding member today at IndigoMinute.com

It’s the price of two cups of coffee per month.

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.