Kanye West “Ultralight Prayer” f/ Kirk Franklin

Happy Easter to all who celebrate today!

Kanye West wishes you the same with the newly released 2-minute new track this afternoon called “Ultralight Prayer”. It takes Kirk Franklin’s spoken word on “Ultralight Beam” with a powerful church backdrop that really sets the tone for the Resurrection today. (I just came back from Church myself, feeling the great vibes, and now just wish this was played there, haha!)

As you can hear, this isn’t just a copy/paste job of “Ultralight Beam”. Kirk adds some more to it and his delivery is made even more stirring by the production. Hard not to appreciate this on a day like today, and going forward.

*Tibs Fav.

I’d also like to include Chance The Rapper’s tweets this morning.

And finally, let’s send out our thoughts and prayers to Pakistan in the wake of a horrific terrorist attack targeting Christians today on Easter. A link at the bottom for more.