Kid Cudi-TED

Kid Cudi TED Talk

We are all the commanders of our own destiny.

Kid Cudi prefaced that simple, powerful statement by saying that if there’s one piece of advice and one takeaway you can all get from this, this is it.

The audience? Not only you and I at home or on the phone watching this… but students at his old high school, Shaker Heights, outside Cleveland. Can you imagine the surreal feeling of coming back to your old high school for a TED Talk? (@TEDxSHHS)

Cudi lived it out and delivered this inspiring message to chase your dreams amidst outside doubters and internal fears because it’s you and only you that can conquer that and achieve it. It’s as simple as finding your passion and working hard to do it. He’s a great living example that we can draw parallels to even more after watching this quick talk below. Cudi also emphasizes that we’re all the same, that we’re no different. And that’s true.

Aside from the deeper meaning described above, the talk was also entertaining because Cudi detailed the emotions and trials from moving to New York at age 20 and making it as an artist. If you’re reading this, you already know the cliff notes of his story, but to hear him describe these times in this format was further enlightening. Lastly, it’s cool to see the impromptu jokes, laughs, and overall joy Cudi has on stage so this 18 minutes goes by pretty fast.

Press play, then join me in pressing play again on Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven.