Monty Williams eulogy for wife preaches forgiveness

Not quite what you’d expect in this space I’m sure, but this is too powerful and uplifting in the wake of, as EJ accurately puts it, “unspeakable tragedy.”

Former player, head coach and current OKC assistant coach Monty Williams lost his wife Ingrid last week in a tragic car accident in which a driver speeding at 92 MPH collided head-on with Mrs. Williams’ vehicle. She is survived by 5 kids as well.

The story is heartbreaking and even moreso when you understand a little bit more about the Williams’ backstory, like the time when they took in player Ryan Anderson when he lost his former fiancee to suicide in 2014.

Today was the memorial service in Oklahoma City, where players and coaches like Chris Paul & Gregg Popovich attended before their own games tonight. Monty’s eulogy for his late wife centered around celebrating her life and forgiving the other family who are likewise grieving over a lost one. It’s incredible the heart and compassion he conveyed along with a trust in the Lord. No matter your religious beliefs, I’d imagine you will feel Monty’s genuine positive intentions that we can all approach in our own life in other paralleled ways. I was moved by this one and wanted to pass this along as well, as aired just moments ago on TNT. The full eulogy video can also be seen here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Monty Williams, his family, the family of the other driver, and more peace on earth with mindsets like Monty’s.