Motivation: The Alchemist Inspires Pharrell

When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.The Alchemist

Earlier this week, Pharrell sat down with Oprah and spoke about his solo success, from being a band geek from Virginia to one of the most talked about solo artists to date. This year is hands down his year. Although the interview had its high points – from him crying while watching others remake his song “Happy,” to discussing his own stance on gender equality – nothing resonated more for me than his life’s philosophy inspired by Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist


And it changed my whole life because I realized all the people who conspired to get me to this place. It will change your life… you have to be unafraid to dream and be even more brave and gallant about blue printing what you envisioned. You gotta be brave about that. And wow, it became clear to me.  – Pharrell on reading The Alchemist

And it’s true. It is so fucking true. The idea that the universe conspires to help you achieve greatness is so profound and apparent. He and so many people alike, Jay-Z, Will Smith, India Arie, are the living embodiment of this philosophy. It is not about their celebrity status, money, record deals, or abundant resources. Those things are so small and trivial in comparison to the dreams they wanted to achieve and from what they demanded from the universe.

We can all achieve greatness and it starts with the simple desire to just be. Be better. Be great. Be our dream. That is all it takes. Make a decision and own it. If you desire something more from yourself and feel like you can be at the pinnacle of greatness, the whole universe will move and allow you to be just that.

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