Sammie ‘Indigo EP’

Catching up with the singer Sammie, who actually happened to be one of our first ever Gowhere interviews (by e-mail too, pre-YouTube videos), is his latest 12-track EP he released over the holiday season.

This one caught my eye on Twitter because of the artwork and title — Indigo. It’s amazing to see more artists on the Indigo movement (namely, Raury and the Smiths — Jaden and Willow) who have directly used the term. Sammie is the latest and his intro title track is a really polished, quality, and welcoming record for the project. The stories are more mature for Sammie who has naturally grown since breaking out as a teen. The production too, not relying on any big-names, but some in-house stuff that sounds good as well. Listen to it all below: