‘Waiting on Time’ by Mickey Factz

POETRY TUESDAYS: Waiting on Time by Mickey Factz Art by Genbu Aéreo Waiting on Time As my mind clutters I wonder about these timed numbers Some people see it is as waste I see it as a base If your confined to the time on a wall hanging up next to the window with your blinds Or the time on your wrist constraining the blood flow to your fingertips Then you my friend don’t exist This is me.. A jumbled piece of numeric gumbo I blueprint my own path for fun so… This game will land me on a land without funco Gung ho While you are imprisoned with your two hands pointing at numbers slug slow Seconds can last eternities when your restless But my hours last for minutes cause Im reckless See in the back of my mind these numbers dance and prance And lead me to go to camps in france Wallow the day away or stay focused on a task This is my moment in the past I am floating, I will bask In the ocean… On a raft With no notion I can grasp Of… Time Because I don’t wait on it It waits on me… And best believe it is as patient as can be…. Factz.

Mickey Factz is a must-follow on IG. If he’s not posting photos of art museums he’s at, or vintage 90s basketball players, he’s now writing some poetry. This above is the first installment of Poetry Tuesdays and as Mickey continually proves he’s one of my favorite lyricists, I’m naturally intrigued.

This piece reads like a reflective stream of consciousness as Mickey effortlessly mixes rhymes with substance. I especially resonate with the end of the poem, starting with “This is my moment…” #Truth Hope this connects with your heart like it does with myself and many of Mickey’s loyal fans.

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