‘Yeethoven’ to mash up Kanye West & Beethoven

When you think of Kanye West you also think of Beethoven, right? Of course.

Actually, no, not really, but conductor Yuga Cohler and arranger Stephen Feigenbaum with the Young Musicians Foundation did think of them together, namely in how similar they are. And actually, when you think harder about Kanye West’s productions, you can think of how they can easily translate to a classical orchestra. At least much of his sound could, as exemplified by the YMF in this video preview below.

Do you hear how seamlessly “Blood On The Leaves” combines with Beethoven? I had it running in the background and had to do a double take to fully notice.

This gets better as, for Los Angelinos at least, Cohler and Feigenbaum will lead a 70-piece orchestra to perform Yeethoven, for free, on April 16th in Little Tokyo. Lucky for me, I just got out here 😀

Details are here. Getting a group text composed now, ha.

(My bet: if this does well and more videos like this start to go viral, then I think it’ll come to a city near you sooner than later. Watch above!)