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Bruce Springsteen: Kanye West fan

It’s not often Bruce Springsteen makes the pages of Gowhere Hip Hop.

It is often Kanye West does.

Today, they both do because, Bruce Springsteen is a Kanye West fan. In fact, he says “Kanye West is incredible”. More high praise is below.

I wonder if at some point in your listening, because I know that you listen to everything and one of the things I treasured about your South By Southwest talk that you gave was how you erase genre and you said, “We should embrace everything that sounds right to our ears,” and I wondered if hip-hop was something at some point that kind of, the light went on for you and you got it or how does that work in relationship to you?

Well it was so present, you know. At one moment particularly you had “White Lines” and this was stuff that was talking about what was going on in the streets and in the inner cities with people who were struggling. And that was something that, I mean, I had my own context for that, you know, that I wrote about it in my own way. But it was the music that came along and gave voice to those things outside of what was then considered a protest music context, you know, and did so really beautifully. And so, you know, I’m not well-versed in it but I have listened over the years. You know, Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., I listened to Tupac, I listen to Kanye West. Kanye West is incredible, you know. I mean, the record-making facility, you know, there’s a lot of hours in those records and they’re …

He’s a perfectionist like you.

I mean some of these, there’s like, just the production. And I saw him on television, he did the song called “Blood on the Leaves” on the Later…With Jools Holland — it was fantastic, you know. He’s a very, I still find him very interesting. I’m not necessarily driving [to] it in my car, you know. I probably fall back on the stuff that I listened to as a kid or something if I’m driving around. But I do listen. I listen to a lot because there’s a lot of information in it and it’s just fascinating record-making.

Nothing super news worthy, I know, but hey: this isn’t the most expected story either. It’s cool to see a music legend like Bruce Springsteen praise on of hip hop culture’s biggest icons in Mr. West. Give the full Springsteen interview a read over at NPR.