DMX talks today’s rap game

DMX, take it away:

The quality of rap f**kin sucks right now. There are some nice rappers, there are some talented rappers today, but for the most part, n****s suck.

In a new interview overseas, this was DMX’s most eye-raising quote and the most high-energy he was in the sit-down. I’m still hopeful for future DMX albums/singles and if he collabs with an emerging rap artist, you now know DMX’s opinion of him/her is pretty high.

X also has a great response about the cops, he disclaims that him and Eminem have a good relationship, and has future plans to become a pastor.

I saw Joey Bada$$ tweet the other day (paraphrasing…) that DMX doesn’t get the props he deserves for the impact and influence he’s had on hip hop culture. And man, I agree! DMX has been painted a certain way for years now, and unfortunately, that’s the image he’s known for to a younger generation who most certainly didn’t grow up when X was in his prime and breaking records. DMX is one of the must rugged rappers and one of my early favorites growing up. I, for one, will never forget that.