Juicy J scholarship winner didn’t twerk

Turning in the late pass on this story as I kind of glossed over the headline the other day when Juicy J announced the winner of his $50K “twerking” scholarship. Remember, at the end of 2013, a lot was made of Juicy J giving away a $50K scholarship for the best who submits a twerking video. I mean, we all collectively poked fun at it and rolled our eyes, but to my pleasant surprise: I find out that the scholarship winner didn’t twerk. As Juicy J so poignantly states:

Fifty-thousand is a lot of money. And I just don’t wanna waste it on some chick twerking her ass.

The winner, 19 year old Zaire Holmes, is a single mother, full-time biological sciences major, and a keen reader of the contest rules that stated simply: “send a video telling [Juicy J] why [they] deserved a $50,000 scholarship.”

Low and behold, Juicy J picks a deserving winner who’s putting in the work and has another person to support. Bravo.

The Winner: