Kid Cudi to act and score new indie film

At moments you’re gonna find it hard to like, root for them, because there’ a lot of immaturity, & there’s a lot of damage. But they’re very real things that people deal with when they’re faced with these really intense, heartbreaking situations…You know, all I wanna do is make cool shit & this movie is a cool movie. I’m just really proud of it.

The above is Kid Cudi describing his work on the upcoming indie film James White, of which it was announced today that the artist will both act and score the film’s music. There’s not much info on Cudi’s character Nick, but you can support the Kickstarter campaign and find out more here.

Also note the bolded: “All I wanna do is make cool shit.”

That’s why we love Cudi. A parallel to our “Gowhere You Love” mantra.

Lastly… part of me hopes we see a scene in this upcoming film with basketball on in the background and some James “Flight” White highlights. Haa!