Nas announces new scholarship fund

Just a quick bit of positive news involving Nas to pass along today. He announced a new scholarship fund aimed to aid graduates transitioning to the work force. Statements below from Nas, and the company he’s investing 100K in and partnering with, Koru.

I’m inspired to support Koru participants because I know how hard it can be to carve out your path and purpose in life. It takes conviction, hard work and the right network. The young people going through Koru are gritty, book smart and street smart. The Koru program gives them an opportunity to put those smarts to work. I can’t wait to work directly with them and share what I’ve learned through my own life experiences.

“What companies are looking for,” Koru founder, Kristen Hamilton said, “is for people with the capacity to come up against a wall and think about what they’ll do when they get through it or around it rather than about how thick the wall is, or how challenging. This has been Nas’ reality. He didn’t go to college–he studied in the school of the real world, and became a successful artist and businessperson. He didn’t have his way paved for him. He embodies the notion of grit. So we started talking about how we could work together.”

BONUS! (This is what you get for clicking on the story…) Nas has a new verse, featured on Rocko’s new Poet EP. Naturally, Nas is on a project named Poet. Click the link and stream away.

h/t Pitchfork