Stream: Kid Cudi ‘Satellite Flight’

Kid Cudi dropped the surprise on us last week and now, 7 days later, Spotify catches up and puts Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon up for free streaming. This is simply a post to further push you to partake — perhaps Cudi’s best complete work since his Man on the Moon debut. To me, the short, 10 track opus easily plays like a movie — including 4 instrumentals that are like movies themselves (“Return of the Moon Man” — my favorite, and current pump up go-to).

My other top-tier songs of the album: “Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now”, “Internal Bleeding”, and “Balmain Jeans” with Raphael Saadiq being the perfect lone feature. Tune in, it’s out in the lead as my favorite album of 2014.


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