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What is Mariah Carey Doing??

Rumor mills are forming a cloud of anticipation yet uncertainty around Mariah Carey & her upcoming LP, which is still scheduled for a May 6 release date.

Despite the diva’s last single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” peaking at a bleak #88 on the Hot 100, it seems as if Ms. Carey is still giving the green light with this project. Last year, her collaboration with Miguel on “#Beautiful” reached Platinum status, peaked at #15 on the charts & was received warmly by critics.

Lately, Mariah fans have taken to twitter to vent their frustrations with the diva’s team. Jeramine Dupri (her manager) in particular, throwing accusations that they are not handling her properly in regards to this upcoming LP. No track listing, cover, title or anything has been released about the LP.. All we know is “May 6th”

Below is a screenshot of Mariah’s album being available for Pre-Order on in the United Kingdom:

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Hmm.. Could it be that this album is truly coming?

Also, here’s a screen cap of the album being available for Pre-Order on Amazon U.S.:

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As a Mariah fan, I can’t help but be excited.. yet nervous. What is she doing? What’s going on? How is this album going to sell with no lead single making considerable impact on the charts at the moment?

Only time will tell. Until then, we will watch to see if Mariah can do it yet again. I believe she can.