Will Ferrell to produce EDM comedy

Will Ferrell — one of our generation’s favorite funnymen. Today, I’m happy to share a couple of tidbits of news that both made me laugh at the mere thought of their premises.

First, Will Ferrell and his partner Adam McKay are now set to produce a new EDM-themed, R-rated comedy film entitled I’m in Love With The DJ, written by Lauryn KahnIt’s actually a romantic comedy that follows a girl whose two best friends join her on a work trip to Spain. Work turns into partying and a “bloodthirsty hunt for an attractive DJ, unfolding through the electronic dance music scene abroad.” This sounds great and something different for Will if he were to actually star in it.

Then, for any fans of Step Brothers out there… Ferrell is set to reunite with John C. Reilly on a movie called Border Guards.

Via Deadline, “It’s a comedy that McKay is eyeing to direct, with Ferrell and Reilly playing two hapless but earnest friends who decide to give purpose to their lives by protecting America’s borders from illegal immigrants. In the process they find themselves accidentally stranded in Mexico without identification and must sneak back into the U.S.”

Ladies and gents, Ferrell has two winners on his hand (on paper, of course) and I’ll remember this proclamation when both movies see the big screen.

step-brothers-best friends

h/t Deadline