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Malik Yusef f/ Kanye West & Common “Wouldn’t You Like To Ride”

This week, I re-discovered some gems from my old tumblr that I haven’t updated since 2012. Among them was one of my first posts about 4 years ago (a fun re-read too), blogging about this feel-good, soulful Chicago classic: Malik Yusef f/ Kanye West & Common “Wouldn’t You Like To Ride”.

It’s vintage everybody with a common denominator: the wordplay is ill. Kanye rhymes first with this being an example of his clever College Dropout style flow:

Ooh you so bougie boo you could have fooled me
Cuz five years ago you was so Fugees

– Kanye West

The “So why don’t you and your friends get with me and my friends” sample is so smooth and instantly inspiring for a cruise down Lake Shore with the windows down. Or maybe if we had a limo like ‘Ye, Yusef, and Com. Malik’s second verse contains a now-vintage reference to A Beautiful Mind and keeps the good vibes coming.

Never a pretty boy, always a beautiful mind like Russell Crowe
Now you in places no cabs’ll take you, only the bus’ll go

– Malik Yusef

After a humorous skit, Common’s verse picks the track up again, and you guessed it, he does his thing too, even shouting out the hometown mall:

Deep as the ocean is the motion of life
Thought you would have been the sister I chose for my wife
Not knowin’ you was trife
Stiflin’ a nigga’s growth
All you wanna do is shop at River Oaks

– Common

And if you weren’t ready to press play already, you’ll most certainly enjoy the animated parts of the visuals — depicting the Chi culture in a lovable, crude, yet beautiful fashion. Enjoy this one in contrast to Malik and Common’s most recent collab: the fire title track to the latter’s new album, Nobody’s Smiling. Enjoy! #OldSchoolSundays

*Tibs Fav.