50 Cent “Hold On”

50 Cent premiered his new Animal Ambition single this week during SXSW and now unleashes the CDQ for the interwebs with “Hold On” below.

Song since removed.

Fiddy may have a quality one with this one — it’s a little on the slow, chill side so it’s not resonating on first listen, but it has the potential to grow on me. Still, I can’t get past that it’s a slow flow and boring production as “Hold On” loses my made-up test versus 4 minutes of Carlos Boozer mic’d up during last night’s Bulls-Rockets game. Hell, there are a lot of hip hop songs that would lose to Booze though, so maybe it’s not the best head-to-head test. *shrugs*

Note: Make sure you start your volume low for Booze.