Mick Jenkins “Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt.2”

Mick Jenkins for over the past year has led a radical assault in his attempt to mobilize the masses through consciousness and through the vision he has for himself on CHicago HipHop. This “Free Nation Rebel Soldier” is here to remind you about just how prophetic he has become in Chicago’s music scene by unleashing “Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt.2” that we can safely assume will form a part of his next project, The Water[s], which is expected to be dropping soon. The first part is a part of Mick’s project Trees & Truths, which you may cop here. With an onslaught of impressive releases Mick is demonstrating why he is the best lyricist in the city, there is no debating that!

Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2 RAPGEINUS:…oldier-pt-2-lyrics