Good Morning Midnight

A.ware “Good Morning Midnight”

A treat for music lovers/enthusiast alike indeed. This collaboration between A.ware of Mach Five and producers Ronnie P and Proski is real grooveful. I’m currently more than half way through the project and so far there’s not one disappointing track on here. It’s a collection of records you can kick back and relax to or just simply jam to. Stand out records for me right now include: “Yellow Watermelon,” “Fonzy,” “Sarasota,” and “Queen.”

Good Morning Midnight is finally here, a collection of songs from A.ware of the Atlanta based rap duo Mach Five. The project is a collaboration with producers Ronnie P and Proski, the trio basically built this project firmly based on each other’s similar but individual taste in music. The construction of “Good Morning Midnight” started with a simple jam session last August in a mid size two bedroom apartment in the little 5 points area in Atlanta Ga. Today we have what we consider a treat for music lovers/enthusiast alike!