Alicia Keys “Zebras & Airplanes”

Some soothing Alicia Keys will certainly set the Valentine’s Day mood right. “Zebras & Airplanes” is a generally uplifting and empowering record that she liberated today, explaining the inspiration below. Very quality — a nice add for your rotation beyond today.

“I had never been overcome to write a song after seeing a painting before, but this one sent me to another place. I felt it! The power, the freedom, the strength to gallop and fly. And I knew right at that moment I would write a song called ‘Zebras and Airplanes’ to describe that kind of love. The whole of you—body and soul—can gallop and fly! Love on yourself. Pamper yourself. Cherish yourself. Today and forever. I wish you the kind of love that comes from within and spreads all the way out!”

*Tibs Fav.