Cloud@Last “Never Die” w/ Ricky Vaughn

NEW Cloud@Last and with each preview of their upcoming Neverlasting album, I get even more excited about what the NYC duo have in store next. They blend genres pretty masterfully on “Never Die” that it’s hard to pigeonhole this record as what this may sound like to you. The production switches halfway through, and then again soon after, and that alone will keep you engaged for the 6 minutes below.

It features a mix of synths and melodies that I think Wale fans may recognize and then fans of Daft Punk’s Tron album will resonate with too. They collaborate with Ricky Vaughn out of NYC as well for “Never Die”, which also features fresh and mysterious vocals that fit the mood at the beginning and end. Immediate repeat status for me so catch the new wave from one of the exciting new artists we’re pushing here on Gowhere daily.

*Tibs Fav.

And oh yeah, how do I not even mention the artwork? An image of the late Robin Williams with the song title “Never Die”?? Powerful. Hopefully that reeled you in.

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