DJ Gowhere “2015 Winter 2 Spring Dance Mix”

Seasonal changes always breed new energy. It’s one of my favorite aspects of living in Chicago and there’s no larger, more drastic transition than that of Winter to Spring.

As we finally leave winter in the dust this past week, and see grass for the first time over snow, we now have the soundtrack to the brighter, longer, and yes, warmer, days ahead.

You know how you associate music to the weather of a time period? This is definitively that. Perfect for the now.

We’re proud to premiere DJ Gowhere’s 2015 Winter 2 Spring Dance Mix!

It’s the sweetest, most feel-good mix of international dance hits that you probably haven’t heard of, but can certainly dance to before a night out or in your seat at work. Even better: with the windows down, feeling the spring breeze for the first time.

The tracklist is below — 9 tracks across 40 minutes, blended seamlessly by DJ Gowhere. It’s evident he has a distinct ear for all these sounds as he brings each song in at the proper time to keep the mood upbeat and groovy.

The mix continually rises for the first 10-12 minutes when the first of my top-tier transitions takes place. The bounce turns more melodic at the 16 minute mark for probably my #1 favorite part of the mix (and the moment that I step on the gas a little harder for a long ride the rest of the way.) Adding to the wonderful synchronicity is the seldom, yet effective female vocals that come in at just the right times throughout the 40 minutes as well (namely: Lxury “J.A.W.S.” at 29:30.)

None of this is too shocking to me, because… you guessed it… DJ Gowhere is indeed the namesake for Gowhere and its genesis over 7 years ago. His unique taste for rare hip hop substance was part of the foundation for the website and now he’s got the same fresh perspective on dance for mixes like this and his DJ gigs in NYC and Japan. It’s always great when DJ Gowhere makes an appearance on these pages and you can bet those instances will be more frequent with new mixes to come.

Listen/download! #GowhereYouLove


1. Art of Tones – Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
2. Nibc & Life So Far – You Let Me Go (LKiD Remix)
3. Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (Joe Hertz Remix)
4. Celsius – Incoming (Original Mix)
5. Second City – I Wanna Feel (Original Mix)
6. Eli Escobar – Emotions (Original Mix)
7. Lxury – J.A.W.S. (Original Mix)
8. Submotion Orchestra – Thinking (Mark Knight Remix)
9. Lovebirds – Holdin On (The Shapeshifters Stripped Remix)


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