DotKom (of theWHOevers) f/ Djbari “Bees in the Back”

DotKom of Chicago duo theWHOevers is prepping his solo project, B.U.M. (Born to Use Mics), and this new preview featuring a verse and production from Djbari is a nice sign of things to come.

For “Bees in the Back”, Djbari first includes some actual bees in the back… the background that is. Keep a close ear to the subtle bees in the production as well as a nice set of references from DotKom and Djbari like DotKom’s beginning Sampras, Agassi one that makes the tennis fans approval OR Djbari’s clever nods to OutKast in his second verse. I like DotKom’s first verse and third verse a lot overall, with the “uh huh” sample of Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too” taking the track to another level. Easy *Tibs Fav. and one that any hip hop head should add to their rotation.