Drake “Summer Sixteen”

Earlier tonight was a big episode of OVO Sound Radio as Drake released the first street single to Views and announced the album will be coming in April. Boi-1da, 40, and CuBeatz are on the production and kill it on the second third of the track, which is even more of a thumping switch-up off the first vibe. Drake rides it all and ups his intensity for the most gripping part of the song at the end. You’ll remember this one for how Drake brags about his pool being bigger than ‘Ye’s, being as big as Jay Z, and hosting Golden State for practice at his home. Alright, that last one is pretty baller.

This has all the ingredients to grow on me with more listens, especially this “revenge” delivery that I’m only lukewarm on, ha. Is this strong enough though to be the first release? And is it that much different than his previous work…?

UPDATE: From the full OVO Sound Radio Episode below at the 34:55 mark.