Dylan Tran “Pretty Memories” Ft. Curtis Williams & Jace

Mark My Words… Dylan Tran will be one of the most popular artist/producer in the hip hop scene in the next 5 years.  The sounds that he is bringing as I  am writing this while giving it It’s first listen and every second of the song sounds like a vibrant new sound that to me is just unreal. Jace delivers the first verse, and off the bat I hear his Atlanta attitude he seems to always bring to a track and his usual great energy.  Curtis Williams comes through with the second verse and to be honest is the most felt real shit I have heard from him.  The way he flowed and pieced this story together was near perfection.  On Curtis’s rise with the Gang Two-9, he’s bringing his personal brand with him PTA “Pass The Ammo” and Dylan Tran, a brother as Curtis would call him, really brought just that modest musical feel to it. His production is so unique and his sound is more than just hip hop related, he puts sounds together that sound more of a movie of music than just, a song. Dylans mixtape “CocaineTears” will be out this week, expect to see it.

Cocaine Tears Trailer: The reason why I think Dylan Tran will be such a great artist is in this mixtape Trailer Video right here.  He really is so abstract but clear at the same time, he is very artistic and this video seemed like it had a very interesting thought process.