Empathy Test “Demons”

I’m excited for the return of these guys. Hailing from the U.K., synthpop duo Empathy Test caught our ear a couple years ago after a placement in the NBA Finals and a couple of strong EPs since.

After some shows in Europe and time tucked away recording their debut album, they’re ready for the rollout. It begins with the new single “Demons” — a captivating record surrounding jealousy in a relationship. I feel many people can relate, and if anything, see how negative an emotion jealousy is in a new light through a song like this.

Empathy Test’s mix of vocals and synth sounds are again powerful and booming. Not only that, but the sound is polished with a variety of layers in the production too. I love riding the wave of this one as “Demons” gets me amped for the next single “Seeing Stars” and giving their old work a renewed listen.

The artist’s words below:

New track ‘Demons’ deals with the human nature of jealousy and how it can destroy a relationship. It explores how some people unconsciously cultivate jealousy in a partner in order to control them. In this all-consuming infatuation, nothing else matters – “and now she wakes up, every day and she invites, all of my demons to play.” It’s a subject that captures the duo’s strength and goes straight for the jugular.

*Tibs Fav.