Gemstones “Lyrical Miracle”

Blind Elephant is less than a week away! And Gemstones seriously hasn’t missed with a full album or mixtape in the past 5 years. They’re sometimes far between but every time an album is on the way,  I’m excited.

Gem’s combination of break-neck raps, sultry singing, and lyrical substance are always on display and on the new preview “Lyrical Miracle” it’s the raps that take the forefront.

Listen once, then run this back because you’ll need to catch Gem’s lines again. He goes that fast but he’s also super clear to understand and I was legitimately shaking my head after I realized how long he didn’t take a breath. This isn’t perhaps Gemstones’ most catchy song, and the production takes a back seat too (you’ll notices some familiar Ye sounds at the end), but overall “Lyrical Miracle” is one of Gemstones’ most impressive rap songs to date. Dive in below.

Blind Elephant is out April 7th.

*Tibs Fav.