Goodbye Tomorrow “100K”

What a month of powerful pump up tracks. For me, it’s been Drake’s “Know Yourself”, Kanye’s “All Day”, and now on the same tier: Goodbye Tomorrow’s “100K”.

“100K” is the second release from debut artist Goodbye Tomorrow, a fitting follow-up to the aggressive audio/visual experience that was “JAY Z” (below) that garnered looks by everyone from MTV to Huffington Post to Complex and the “100K” song premiere from Billboard today. All of which is received under a cloak as we all openly wonder more about the identity of he/them: Goodbye Tomorrow.

The intrigue will only further with “100K” as we hear a lone rapper, the same on “JAY Z”, but at even more of a furious, break-neck pace over a beautiful production merging trap drums with bells and bed squeaks. He confirms his Chicago roots with a clever set of name-drops in the first verse that will not only grab your attention but actually paints a vivid picture of his grand mindset. Name-drops with a purpose.

The first verse then blends seamlessly into the hook in a way that’ll make Eminem jealous because of its smoother execution and an additional production layer that, all things combined, will be stuck in your head.

Verse 2 may even be more impressive as Goodbye Tomorrow continues to rhyme with a clear bravado and energy that embodies what he’s rhyming about. “Nothing is impossible, when you know you’re unstoppable…” is the motto that Goodbye Tomorrow personifies across “100K”. Of course, I appreciate the couple of slick NBA references here as well.

“100K” then rides out to an extended outro as the beat switches up and allows the listener to take a breath and wrap their head around what was just said. The production as a whole is a gem and the subtle transition and flow during this outro allows for some much appreciated solo time to shine. Goodbye Tomorrow is already doing it differently with elements like this and the structure across “JAY Z” so keep a close ear.

For “100K”, I realize that anyone of any level hustlin’ can relate to the seemingly arbitrary number of $100,000 too. So what better day for it to drop than hump day to get you through today, the rest of the week, and beyond. And also: RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

If JAY Z was the attention-getter, “100K” proves Goodbye Tomorrow is here to stay.


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Also experience “100K” on the website: Here’s a preview:


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