Goodbye Tomorrow “eXplosions”

Another week, another statement from anonymous Chicago artist Goodbye Tomorrow.

They returned after their debut album this summer with a fury on last week’s Skepta-sampled “2 Many”, calling out the fake politics you can see in an any industry.

Today, they blow it up even more, quite literally, with “Xplosions”.

There’s no shortage of time before the GT emcee announces his arrival and the monumental sound and layers of the production are an immediate, perfect match. The main synth melody during the verses is proabably my favorite of many highlights in the production layers. Both verses are separated by a distorted, ominous hook that once you take a listen or two to understand the words adds another level to the track and what Goodbye Tomorrow stands for.

I purposely saved my favorite part of the track to write about last: the verses. There are so many quotable and lowkey relatable gems that I’d rather you experience it for yourself the first listen. I will say though that the punctuation mark on the last verse (down to the word choice of ‘remedial’) is about as great an end to a verse I’ve heard in recent memory.

Needless to say… *TIBS FAV. status as my favorite new artist of 2015 continues to bring the flames. Err… I mean, explosions.

Be sure to catch them on their first tour in December (tix avail now) and see how they take all this to another experience.

h/t P&P

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