Goodbye Tomorrow “Flexin Wavin” (prod. Stan Sono & Ugly Eddie)

this some new shit we made the other day. annihilate any and every assumption you might have, that’s just the flow.

Aye, as simply put as that, we have the first offering from Goodbye Tomorrow in 2017 and it doubles as the first anthem of 2017.

Just take one listen to the hook and you’ll likely relate to either putting down or taking back your power. Maybe the words don’t hit you right away, but it’s Preme’s flow, as he debuts a delivery that’s unlike any other I’ve heard in hip hop. The pronounci-ation (see what I did there?) of the last word in each bar is equal parts catchy and swaggy. Preme brilliantly adds some subtle changes, ironically taking action on the word “hesitation”, to keep things smooth before it gets too redundant.

Maybe it’s not the hook, or the flow, but just the general waviness of the production that keeps you engaged? Stan Sono (last seen: “Rewind”) and Ugly Eddie (of Save Money) combine for a minimalist production that I could just sit back to for another couple minutes if they wanted to add to the quick listen above.

Maybe it’ll be the Jeezy line and sample that gets you hooked too. That might be my favorite part of the song. There are plenty though and needless to say it’s a *TIBS FAV.

Personal story: I happened to be in the XY Studios in Hyde Park last week on the day they were recording this one, figuring out the line after the Jeezy shoutout and it was just cool to see Preme and Sono come up with different variations of what would come next. What ultimately did kills. (Video coming below…)


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