Goodbye Tomorrow “Mesmerizing”

We’ve been talking a lot about wanting to get our current thoughts and ideas out recently. Our debut album came out in August, but it’s been done for two and a half years, so we’d been anguishing over not being able release current sounds during the album rollout. It’s an important step in the continuous evolution of Goodbye Tomorrow. It’s left field and psychedelic and fits perfectly in the Goodbye Tomorrow universe. This is Mesmerizing.

As you can read from the preface and hear up above, Goodbye Tomorrow really does come from left field with their 3rd release in about as many weeks. “Mesmerizing”, different than the aggressive raps from “2 Many” and “eXplosions”, is an addicting, harmonic record that immediately puts you in a new place. I find myself applying parallels to the lyrics that paint a clear, yet abstract picture. The hook will keep this on repeat, but it’s those images that really impact beyond that. The zoned out production features, as always with them, a lot of well-executed subtleties that you may not catch on first listen. For instance, the faint voices in the background that fit perfectly for the song title (and most sung word) “Mesmerizing”.

*Tibs Fav.

If you like this one, be sure to catch “Cleopatraaa” on their debut album. I didn’t need GT to bring it up to connect the similar vibes, but they did on the Hip Hop Reddit premiere. Speaking of which, the Goodbye Tomorrow Reddit AMA last night revealed so much more insight from the Chicago collective themselves about what they stand for and it’s well worth the scroll through to gain some general knowledge out of it too. Plus, Goodbye Tomorrow was featured in SPIN’s top 25 music videos of the year for “JAY Z” (not to mention our year-end list that’ll be coming soon…)

All of this content lands prior to the Goodbye Tomorrow Live Beta Test Tour, kicking off in L.A. this Sunday night. Their first ever shows will be vastly different than the traditional hip hop show so I highly encourage you make the effort and experience it for yourself. I got the sneakiest of peaks at some of the live visuals, and wow. I’ll be there in Chicago and Pigeons & Planes is hosting the New York show this month. Tickets/details are here.