Goodbye Tomorrow “VIRTUAL DJ SET v 2.0 [chamber_of_sages]”

Love this concept and the sequel is even better than the original.

Goodbye Tomorrow is prepping a new EP but in the meantime, they drop their Virtual DJ Set v 2.0 that mixes in mostly picks of other artists they’re listening to with some new gems and remixes of their own songs. This time around, all of the handful of edits or original songs are completely brand new. You’ll hear a fiery rap track called “Keep That”, “✘⁔̶✗  edit” versions of a couple of the best songs on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, and finally a great change of pace on perhaps their biggest song “JAY Z” by talented Chicago producer Gene Karma, which concludes the “chamber_of_sages” mix.

At this point, press play below to get going on this 1.5hr+ mix and peep the full tracklist, with more commentary underneath.



title theme – kohji kondo + dmx “prayer”

wolves (✘⁔̶✗ edit) + preme vox
devil’s whisper – raury
father grey – lewis is dead
building it still – james blake
worn – corbin
no-one or nothing – goodbye tomorrow + lil herb + future ( ✘⁔̶✗ edit)

lock jaw – french + kodak
cell therapy – kodak
clint eastwood hook – gorillaz
don’t harsh my mellow – ktd
war pain – meek mill
street chains – lil wayne
deja vu – lucki + joey purp
keep that – goodbye tomorrow
fetti – playboi carti only

she – laura mvula (shlohmo remix)
in time – twigs
black lake – bjork
aqueous transmission – incubus
floral shoppe – macintosh plus
submarine – jelani blackman
drugs you should try it – travis

blasphemer – gaika
20 – ebbo kraan + send it up – king louie only
dead man’s tetris – flylo
layer – sylas
u – kendrick lamar
digital lion – james blake
FML – kanye + weekend + travi$ scott + goodbye tomorrow (✘⁔̶✗ edit)

operate – ASTR (the-drum remix)
awake – nok from the future
better in tune w/ the infinite – jay elect
ultra light beam + say it – tory lanez (shlohmo remix) + “if you love me” brownstone
jay z karma remix – goodbye tomorrow

* * * *

I also gotta suggest a few genius blends and singular songs from up above starting with Lewis’ “Father Grey”, FKA Twigs’ “In Time”, and shortly thereafter: Gaika’s “Blasphemer” into the “20 — be kraan + send it up — king louie only”. King Louie’s vocals pop in a new way with this unique sound.

Moving on, I dig the “u” to “Digital Lion” to “FML (✘⁔̶✗  edit)” stretch, followed by ASTR’s “Operate” that may actually be my favorite ~15 minutes of the mix. And to reiterate, the new songs from GT for “Keep That” and the “JAY Z (Karma Remix)” are worth figuring out a way to rip individually. There really wasn’t one skippable stretch in the 1 hour, 40 minutes I perused today so really the overall move is to just press play and let it ride.

Did I mention this is how it starts too?

ICYMI: Virtual DJ Set v 1.0