Goodbye Tomorrow ‘VIRTUAL DJ SET v5.0 [keep_moving]’

Goodbye Tomorrow is going to close off the year strong and the latest installment of their Virtual DJ Set will act as the perfect appetizer to set the table.

v5.0 [keep_moving] has a few themes including a set of all Lil Wayne music (“Steady Mobbin” one of my faves of his) and a Shawty Lo tribute (R.I.P.).

They also splice in some new music and remixes and there are 3 new goodies from Goodbye Tomorrow to peep within the mix. Most notably, “Everyday” — an anthem for hustlin’ and grindin’ begins at the 34 minute mark and is a track I’m personally looking forward to its official release. Another favorite moment was the 100K Remix by Eddie Supanova right before. I think 100K might be Preme’s raps at its finest to date — at least in the speedy, motivational steez so it’s refreshing to hear it over a hot new sound. Eddie Supanova has some great board work in general so that’s another Chicago artist to look out for on these pages soon too.

Alas, here’s the full tracklist and the stream for your next hour of working, riding out, and closing out the night.

**Programming Note: Goodbye Tomorrow will be our first *guest* on the Gowhere You Love Podcast. We recorded the most in-depth Goodbye Tomorrow interview to date and can’t wait to release it to ya’ll next week!

VIRTUAL DJ SET v5.0 [keep_moving]

tunnel stripe + iroh – goodbye tomorrow
22 (OVER S∞∞N) – bon iver
fall out of heaven – justin vernon + the-dream
seein u famous – white paper lion
nikes (video version)- frank ocean
watermelon clouds – helpless
(remix) – goodbye tomorrow + future + polo
moon & the sky chopped & screwed – sade c/o slim k
love, drugs, and young thug – kamandi

[ lil wayne set] i feel like dying – lil wayne
demolition pt 1 – lil wayne
we be steady mobbin + back that azz up – lil wayne + gucci + juvenile
fly in – lil wayne

[R I P Shawty Lo] dey know remix – shawty lo + wayne only
i’m the man – shawty lo
i’m the man – lud foe
100,000 – shawty lo

(remix) – goodbye tomorrow + eddie supanova
every day (snippet) – goodbye tomorrow
running man – the cool kids
vibin in this bih – kodak black + gucci mane
coordinate – travis scott
x bitch – 21 savage + future
vert top – lil uzi vert
i want – madeintyo
konnichiwa – skepta
go off – mia + skrillex
bo’ee – idan raichel proejct