TreaZon Heaven Sword (Cover by Ant)

#GWHHPremiere: TreaZon "Heaven's Sword" (prod. KEEYNOTE)

I know y’all weren’t expecting us to take a break after dropping “Danger.” For those of you still living under that rock, “Danger” is that KEEYNOTE produced heater we premiered three weeks ago. But now that TreaZ is ready to take off more than ever before, we’re layin’ the smackdown on y’all (down comes TreaZon with “Heavens’ Sword.”). That’s another hard hittin KEEYNOTE produced bomb which TreaZ absolutely tore apart. And a record we may very well see end up on TreaZon’s upcoming EP, Trust & Betrayal. Tune in and enjoy above or below. More heat from TreaZ and KEEY on the way.

Artwork by yours truly.