Injury Reserve “Black Sheep” (Official Video)

Lately I have been getting the opportunity to showcase some good AZ local talent.  This here post is showcasing Injury Reserve and Arizona underground trio, heavily influenced by Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Little Brother, and I would definitely like to add J Dilla influenced (on the production side).  The local underground trio consists of the two emcee’s, Ritchie with a T, originally from San Diego, next is Steppa J Groggs originally from Northern California.  The third man in the trio is a very close personal friend of mine, Parker Corey is an Arizona native and is also the producer for Injury Reserve.

“Black Sheep” is Injury Reserves second released video and might I add, it is a hell of a video.  Vibes n Stuff is a young production team of all Arizona locals, and all closely affiliated with Injury Reserve.  The song comes in and immediately you can hear that very old school type hip hop sound, and this is a great video and song for the fans that are getting really intrigued  by the “9o’s hip hop sound” along with the great message that Steppa J and Ritchie with a T really display with this song.  They really emphasize being different and standing out, knowing these two artists also reassures me that what they say is really them, they are real people making real music.  Very much more to come from Injury Reserve and Vibes n Stuff.


@Parker Corey