Jeni Suk “Don’t Let Me Down” f/ IamSu! & AR2

Summertime Chi is officially here which means new tunes on my playlist and crazier breeds of camel-toe ratchets on the CTA. I came across Jeni Suk’s song, “Don’t Let Me Down“, after hearing her “Wildfire” mix on YouTube. After seeing and learning that she not only produces but writes her own tracks, I had to see what’s up. Although I’m not big on the YouTube artist or cover scene, Jeni definitely did werk by collaborating with IamSu! and AR2.

My favorite part was definitely the 0:10 mark. Jeni comes in strong with her soothing vocals and then hits us with some nostalgic feels of summertime flings. Or for me, it brought me back to simpler times when the Chicago camel-toe game wasn’t strong and you know…didn’t give them an outline of an extinct desert animal. But whatever, big ups to my fellow Asian Mami for making this track and repping that yellow talent.

The one downer (and I feel bad for saying it…naaah) is that I wish IamSu! appeared more on the track. Yes it was a Jeni Suk track with ONLY a feature by IamSu! but damn, can we get a little more than 30 seconds? I was so hoping he would come through around the 1:09 mark, the perfect transition from Jeni to IamSu! and then back to Jeni. But like I said previously, Jeni is doing werk. Not many YouTube stars can collaborate with artists and go beyond the realm of that outlet. The fact that she is doing it at the tender age of 22 says a whole fucking lot. So if any of y’all are in California check out her shows. Or if y’all can’t afford that Cali life (like my broke ass), check out her YouTube.