Jofred Estilo “Problems + Hold Up + Cat Rider”

Pinoy spitter and member of Chicago based Hip-Hop collaborative Chinza//Fly makes his return as Jofred Estilo releases some new music. The last we heard from Jofred, he was preparing for the release of his forthcoming project TULPA and the release now becomes imminent as we get the releases of “Cat Rider”, “Hold Up”, and “Problems” that we may expect to hear on his solo debut mixtape. For those not familiar with Jofred, he has the lyrical ability to go bar for bar against anyone and ultimately be one of the highest exponents of music coming out of the Chicago area. For those that are familiar with his music they know he is the truth. The rest of the music world is just beginning to catch up as he continues to run lyrical circles around the rest of his peers.


Hold Up

Cat Rider