Kanye West “Facts”

If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, Nike man they wouldn’t have nothin. If Nike ain’t have Don C, Nike man they wouldn’t have nothin.

For the second year in a row, New Yeezy on New Years.

And you can tell he recorded it, like, today. References to a lot of figures in pop culture from Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey to his wife’s Kimojis, to Odell Beckham Jr, James Harden, and even Swaggy P. The Metro Boomin’ & Southside beat has a WATTBA vibe to it, kicking off with Kanye’s many diss lines at Nike. Yeezy’s Jumpman-esque flow, combined with that sound, may not feel that original but I’m more focused on the intriguing commentary throughout the rhymes.

How does ‘Ye end it? Chicago shoutouts to Mano, Twilite Tone, and the late DJ Timbuck2. #Respect. Happy New Year.