Kanye West “Say You Will (Alternate Version)” x “Tell Your Friends (Remix)”

New Ye! He adds to The Weeknd and drops the alt version of “Say You Will”  with vocals from composer, violinist, and singer Caroline Shaw who joined him on stage for this during the 808s run in L.A. and at the DNC.

The “Say You Will” alternate is such a big sound that I can absolutely see translated well live. The layers, the violin, everything. Whoo! Welcome back to the rotation, Say You Will.

As for “Tell Your Friends”, it’s only natural Kanye recorded something to it given he produced it. I wasn’t a fan of the original too much for this to all of a sudden jump for me, but hey, still cool to hear what ‘Ye had in mind for it (heavy autotune).

Press play on the suddenly new Kanye West Soundcloud account below.

*Tibs Fav.