Katy Perry f/ Juicy J “Dark Horse (Urban Remix)”

Suit & tie, kinda knight, Imma be her prince charming
Let’s get trippy and go missing like we own the milk carton
Baby girl, you already know I spoil you like sour milk
And give you keys to the crib.. and let you drive the whip

Katy Perry‘s response to her single being eclipsed by “Happy” for #1 on the Billboard charts?! Ha, probably just a coincidence, but the country’s current #2 single “Dark Horse” gets a new “Urban Remix” below, featuring an all-new verse by Juicy J (making 2 total).

To nit-pick the bars above from Juicy, I like the milk lines, they’re very clever, but I get the image of spoiled milk when he’s trying to reel in the lady. Not great imagery, haha.

Song since removed.