Kid Cudi “Wedding Tux” x “Judgmental Cunt”

Earlier in the week, Kid Cudi revealed some new album details and a couple of new songs to come off his upcoming album, Speedin Bullet To Heaven.

“Confused” set the tone for a heavy rock and guitar sound and that vibe is carried out even more aggressively on the two new tracks — “Wedding Tux” and the evocative “Judgmental Cunt”. I like that Cud went more aggressive on both of these releases so that the album strays away from the vibe of his WZRD album that I felt many fans were pigeon holing “Confused” as. This already sounds very different for Cudi and I think it really works.

I for one love an aggressive, acoustic guitar and thought Cudi played it perfectly on “Wedding Tux” especially. Both in that song and “Judgmental Cunt”, Cudi also paints the picture with very unique word choice and that alone is refreshing too. I feel a lot of people will vibe with the energies of these tracks, especially those who have been put down or mislabeled throughout their lives. Cudi is certainly a big voice for us there. Listen below!

*Tibs Favs.