Leo Marin

Leon Marin “The Dark Knight”

I must say, it’s quite refreshing to hear lyricism like that of Leon Marin‘s here. Gives me hope that this ASAP/Keef sounding era will soon be over with, because it seriously needs to be.

Hip Hop music artist, Leon Marin decides to release a free verse titled, “The Dark Knight” with the cover gracing three of Batman’s arch nemesis’ in an analogy to exert his desire for competition. There’s a lot of rappers that have made claims that they’re “the best” and Leon wants to be one of the rappers consistently mentioned in that category. You’ll notice he says some familiar names in the song as well. Disclaimer: This free verse didn’t diss Scott Morris, Kola Rai, Dave Al, Venor, or She Real. Sidebar, this rap. This is competition.