M.L.A. f/ Young General “Can’t Stop”

M.L.A. returns for another week with another solid track. This time they call upon fellow Chicago rapper Young General, which makes me puff my chest out a little bit because of a time when I showed Young General M.L.A.’s video for “Pinnacle” and told him to keep an eye out. They soon shared the same bill at Debonair and fast forward to today, have a pretty cool collab on their hands with “Can’t Stop”. goes horn-dominant with the production and immediately gives this a nighttime Wacker Drive classy cruising feel. His and his brother’s verses open and conclude the track respectively, as both and j.pak spit at a pace that it’ll take a couple listens to catch on. Young General’s guest verse has a GLC-vibe to it and is a nice contrast to M.L.A. and the production. Good to hear some new Young G after what seems like awhile too.

*Tibs Fav.


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