Mac Miller “5 Foot Assassin (Phife Dawg Tribute)”

The hip hop world and music lovers everywhere have been in a consistent state of shock since the news this morning of Phife Dawg’s untimely passing. I feel it within and see it across the outpouring of amazing tributes and thankful words for the life and work of Phife Dawg.

There was sure to be some musical tributes by Phife’s many peers in the industry and the first one I caught at least comes from Mac Miller. He channels his producer pseudonym Larry Fisherman and crafts a solemn, mood-setting beat for a mix of old Phife Dawg rhymes. They come from “1nce Again” and his 1992 appearance on Arsenio Hall. This all works as an awesome track by itself so Mac did the legend right below. Needless to say, lend it your ears as well.

*Tibs Fav.